Introduction to Top Adult Webcam Stars

Adult chat sites have started gaining
popularity in the recent ages because of the growing trends in technology. With
the continual increase in video streaming quality and websites that offer free
viewing services with little to no cost, the shift in direction from watching
ordinary videos to live streaming content has seen a phenomenal rise.

A lot of people are turning to adult cam
sites to earn some quick extra income and with time, convert it into a full-time
job. Most high-end websites that stream live have proper safety measures that
ensure their models’ identity remains anonymous, which entails an attractive
offer. Most of the websites have infused a tipping system that lets the viewers
pay for certain private services they want to be performed. The tips for these
services could range up to hundreds of dollars based on the client. Some of the
more popular Adult cam sites that have gained popularity in the coming years
are ImLive, SteamMate, Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, and

The adult cam industry is said to top 1
Billion and is growing at an exponential rate. Statistics have shown that
almost 5 percent of the entire world’s population accesses webcam sites for
entertainment. CamGirls, as they’re now
called, earn by doing a seductive striptease or any requested activity in
front of a camera while being watched by people who’ve logged in and paid for
the service. The general idea behind every cam site is the same, with little
tweaks to suit their theme and service offered. You can visit Bestlivesexwebcams website for the full online database.

Most Cam Girls make hundreds of
thousands of dollars depending on their hours of work and their popularity.

However, here are a few women who have
managed to stay ahead in the field and have earned a name, along with fame.

1. Madison Kay:

A relatively new model in
the webcam industry with a growing reputation, Madison Kay works part time to
support her education and is a performer on SteamMate. She caters to her
client’s every need and is well known for her school girl fetish or her
Amazing Bouncy ball gold shows. She can be found entertaining customers on most
afternoons or evenings.

2. My Cherry Crush:

Considered one of fascinating webcam models, Cherry Crush’s signature form mostly includes
being seated on a tiny stool, hair dyed a myriad of beautiful hues and dressed
slightly askew to reveal her bra and creamy whitish skin. Her eccentric
modeling, mixed with a dash of sex appeal and color makes her one of the most
watched internet cam models.

3. Mimi Plastique:

A beautiful woman with
skin the color of melted chocolate, Mimi is a super popular webcam model from
ImLive who has been chosen for two webcam awards and is dubbed a rising star.
She loves working with different clientele and brings a bright and enthusiastic
aura to her work. She finds safe and creative ways to express herself through
webcamming and has been in the field since she was 23 years old.



4. Stefano :

One of the very best from
Flirt4free, Stefano sets the bar at an all-time high as a male webcam model
and has a cumulative score of 5 out of 5
From being voted 500 times. He has earned over 25 million credits to his name
from his home platform, making him one of the most popular webcams models on

5. Fratmen Benji:

A male cam model to rise the ranks, Benji has been in the adult cam industry ever since the age of
19. Considered one of the best performers for his wild shows, he started his
career at Fratmen/ Benji started his webcam career to help pay for
his school. He currently holds the record for the most archived, which is 600+ in four and a half years. His
eccentric suits range from full body cat suits to French maid costumes, and his
shows are always exciting to watch.

6. Scarlett Fox Play:

Scarlett Fox started out
as a part-time cam girl after having a chronic disability that prevented her
from attending college or getting a full-time job. Her nonconventional
lifestyle changes, as well as her medication, has kept her from reaching her full
potential or working to support herself. She decided to try camming in 2015 and
turned it into a full-time professional with her knowledge in graphic design,
photography, social media management and video production. She garnered over
75000 followers on Chaturbate and was nominated as the Chaturbate Sponsored
Model of 2016.

7. Livia Choice:

Awarded the Top Cam Girl
of 2017, Livia Choice started out in the
industry with the aim to pay for her studies. She’s been working for the past 6
Years as a CamGirl for the well known ImLive adult webcam site. Livia believes
that a model’s attitude determines her success in the field of live web chats.
She works hard to maintain her status with her ingenuity and creativity and is
online every day to do her job, despite her stardom status.

8. Trina Banks:

Trina Banks have come a long
way as a cam girl, from being homeless to running her own business. She has achieved a lot in her life from
modeling and describes herself as a full man’s woman, despite being
completely independent. She has a
variety of exceptional services that she offers to her clients, as well as
exciting private shows that make her well known and eagerly sought after.

While most turn towards the porn industry
for a career, the women who enter the Adult Cam stream do not have the
intention of choosing it as a full-time career. They want live cam modeling
so that their past does not come back to haunt them in any way. Most of them
have ambitions and dreams of succeeding in their chosen fields like law or
medicine and only work part time to support themselves. They have to be creative and come up with
ways to keep their customers engaged or get repeat clientele. A beautiful face and
average disposition aren’t enough to ensure or help their popularity to grow.
Hence, the life of a Cam Girl is not as easy or glamorous as one makes it out
to be.



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